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Amazing things you did not know about Apple

Steve Jobs was a standout amongst the most cryptic leaders and innovators of our era. But years later, his legacy lives on and Apple became the most precious business on the planet in the year 2014. Even some years after his death, Apple continues to be the same firm that is secret it has constantly been. Unless you are an Apple fanatic, there are a number of fascinating facts which you probably haven’t heard of. Let’s take a look at some of the most fascinating facts of Apple Inc. The list below presents some unknown facts about Apple who are makers of iPads and the radical iPods.

No other business surpasses in being secretive Apple Inc, with their secrecy being exceptional and celebrated across the globe. It is not easy to accept that no other people (aside from Steve Jobs and his miniature team of engineers) has ever seen what an iPhone looked like when it was introduce in 2007. It is inconceivable of how they were able to do it, while such degree of secrecy is outstanding. It is said that Apple often comes up with forgery endeavors just to check their workers’ dependability. They are going to be fired immediately when an employee is assigned such endeavors and advice gets leaked out.

Following their revolutionizing success in the music industry, Apple made another astounding one in the cell phone business. And they’re raising their cash load at an extremely interesting rate. By the year 2014, Apple had $160 billion in cash accessible. Microsoft just had $85 billion while the US Treasury just had $49 billion in the first quarter of 2014, to set this number in context. To further exemplify the scale of this cash heap, it’s enough to purchase an iPod to every man in the US and there’s still going to be money left. This cash reserve would put Apple Inc among the 50 greatest economies if it were a country.

What makes Apple shops intriguing are their unique layouts. However, their stores are income producing power stations. Tiffany & Co was a brand that consistently came out on top, when speaking when it comes to sales made per square foot. In 2013, that record was shattered and each Apple store reportedly produced twice as much sales compared to Tiffany & Co. When the former record holder sells $3,017 Apple records $6,050 for every square foot. Truly, this is an accomplishment that no other company has been able to replicate.

Apple’s launch day is really unlike any other launching day. Apple products are often the most awaited and this business certainly loves customer loyalty like no other. You can find a large number of Apple followers waiting on the day of their yearly launching of a new iPhone outside Apple shops, all waiting to be the first of many to purchase the most recent iPhone available on the market. Lovers generally wait in line for hours in all types of weather conditions only to get into the shop and purchase an iPhone before it sells out. A Japanese Apple fanatic made news in 2014 for waiting outside a shop for the iPhone 6 before it was pronounced.

Even as years pass by, Apple never seizes to shock the world with their products and sales records. As as a brand and a business, they keep on shattering of what is conceivable, certainties. Apple carries on, flying higher than any human would ever have envisioned. Tim Cook had a tremendous shoes to fill upon the departure of Steve Jobs back in 2011. Many consider that Apple’s greatest days are over but Tim Cook’s team and he has thus far revealed they can maintain the business ‘s increase at least for now. But we know that nothing lasts for eternity. The forthcoming few years are going to be interesting with all of us watching keenly to see if the Apple Watch’s scheduled release will soon be another ground-breaking hit or a miss.

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