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The 5 Top Movies of 2013

Within the blink of an eye, the year 2013 will be over. I really believe many of us would be scaling back from our hectic life and try to look back the things that have and haven’t been completed in 2013. The very first problem is what memories of 2013 will be etched in our mind. The second question is what significant plans for 2014 do we’ve in mind?

Being a movie freak, one thing that came to my head is what would be the greatest blockbuster movie of 2013 that I’d remember for times to come? I am not the harshest movie critics but I would still say several of the movies that have been popping out haven’t been quite good lately. There are some movies that are produced based on poorly written texts and it is quite common for blockbuster movies to be used only being a showcase of the state-of-the-art visual effects capability.

But let’s set the debate aside and simply take a look at my personal favorite picks for the year.

    • Star Trek Into Darkness
    • American Hustle
    • The Lone Ranger
    • Fast & Furious 6
    • Pacific Rim
    • Blue Jasmine


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